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Animal Expressions Match the animal name to the word that usually accompanies it as a figure of speech.

Collective Animals match the names of the animals to their collective nouns.

Colourful Language Match each of the colours with the words to make a common expression.

Compound Words Match the two words together to make a new word.

Compound Words Match the words that join together to make another sport-related word.

Compound Words 2 Match the pairs to make a longer word

Compound Words 3 Match the pairs of words to make new words.

Famous Victorians Match the names of the famous Vixctorian people with what they were famous for.

French Colours Match the correct French word to each colour

French Numbers Match the correct picture with the number given in French

Geman Translation Game v. 3.0 This is an English-Geman Translation game. Easily played and fun for the whole family.

Landmarks Match the correct landmarks from around the world to the cities they belong to.

More Opposites Match the word with its opposite

Numbers Match the word to the number

Opposite Choice Choose the right words that complete the sentences for each pair of cards.

Opposite Prefixes Match each word with a prefix to completely change its meaning

Opposites Match each word with its opposite

Opposites Match each word with its opposite.

Opposites Match each word with its opposite

Polish Version 3.0 An English-Polish translation game. Easily played, fun for the whole family.

Prefixes Find a suitable prefix for each word.

Shakespearean Characters and Plays Match the characters with the appropriate plays by William Shakespeare.

Snowflake Words Match the winter words together

Suffixes Match each word with an appropriate suffix.

Synonyms Match each word with another one which means the same.

The Arab World Test your knowledge of the geography and culture of the Arab World. Match the famous places and symbols with the countries they represent.

Victorian Dates Match the years with the importan events in the life of Queen victoria.

Word Pairs Match the words together which make a pair.

interactiveWords Click on the right word that makes sense with its matching sentence

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Welcome to this set of matching puzzles. Whether you are used to pelmanism, concentration, flash cards or some other game to improve skills and memory, you might find this computerised version has a little more to offer.

You can match different pairs of cards with text, graphics or interactive elements on them linked to different ages and subjects.

Plus, what is more important, you can create your own puzzles, download a template to create picture cards of your own and upload new cards to be used by other educators.

For those of you who would like to add extra features, who need graphics drawn or have an idea for new interactive cards, you may leave a message on the wishlist board.

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