The Arithmetic Arcade

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The Games So Far...

3D Boxes Calculate how many cubes you need to make the different 3D shapes shown.

Algebra Crossnumber Solve this crossnumber by finding out what values x and y represent.

Angle Estimator Decide which angle is the same as the one drawn by the computer.

Build a Bug Speed arithmetic on the four rules of number - correct answers result in different bits of a bug being put together.

Colour Quiz Answer simple addition questions. Colour the picture in by answering them correctly.

Crossnumber Add together the 5-digit numbers to complete the crossnumber puzzle.

Decimal Challenge Guess the decimal number between 0 and 10 that has been chosen. Guesses are recorded and a numberline is drawn.

Equivalent Fractions Enter the correct numbers into the boxes to make a series of equivalent fractions.

Find the Factors You have 15 seconds to find all the factors of the number given.

Fraction Switch Put the sequence of fractions into ascending order by switching them round.

Mathematical Hangman A hangman game that tests your knowledge of common arithmetic terms.

Number Maze Move around the maze collecting numbers and operators to make a total of 100 as quickly as you can.

Odd One Out Find the odd one out of the four arithmetic questions

Pick Discs Click on the discs to beat the computer. The last one to click on a disc wins!

Pie Test Estimate the size of the sector of the pie chart which has been shaded yellow..

Projectile Fire the cannon to hit the target - trial and error fun!

Scales Move the pointer to match the decimal number given to you.

Sequences Work out the 4th 5th 10th 20th and nth terms in a number sequence.

Shade Shade in the correct number of regions to equal the fraction given.

Sock Push the green blocks into the holes to make the target number.

Substitution Substitute numbers for letters to evaluate the expressions.

Switch Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order by switching them round.

TableTimes Simple multiplication quiz. See how quickly you can answer 10 qustions in a row correctly.

Up to One Find the third fraction which when added to the two shown will bring their total to one whole.

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