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The copyright for all resources hosted by the Interactivities Forum rests with their original authors. If in doubt about the authorship of a specific resource, contact David Hellam.

By submitting a resource or participating in the forum, you agree to the terms of the non-exclusive license to distribute this material on a non-commercial basis.

Individual authors have the right to withdraw their work from the resource area if they wish to do so.

Note: For collaborative work involving student contributions, please ensure that you have their (or their parents') permission.


The authors of individual messages own the copyright to their written words. By submitting a message to the forum, you permit its distribution to other members of the list and for its archival for members to retrieve.

Any subsequent modification or republication of messages by the Interactivities Forum or third parties would need permission from the original authors


If you discover that resources submitted by Forum members breaches others' copyright, please contact

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