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License Agreement

By downloading resources from the Interactivities Forum, you agree to the following terms:

Yes, this does sound heavy. In short, you agree not to rip off the stuff here to make a quick buck and that you won't blame us if anything goes wrong. Come to think of it, we're not even promising that this stuff works.

The Agreement

You agree to hold harmless the authors of any resources distributed by the Interactivities Forum and its members from any consequential or inconsequential loss experienced when using them.

In return, you receive a non-exclusive license to modify and publish these resources in the context of non-commercial, educational projects. This is not a license to distribute the source code in any form. However, you may freely link to the Interactivites Forum's Index pages.

In plain(er) English:

You may download the source code for a selection of puzzles, educational games and other resources from this website. You may take them apart and give them to a classful of students to re-work or make their own interactive content. But won't blame them if the scripts don't work, your computer breaks down or your hamster dies.

You may publish the modified scripts on your own school network, or even on a school website, provided there are no attempts to use the resources to make money from them.

This would include, but is not limited to:

If you're particularly pleased with your work, and you would consider sending us the source code for any modified resources, we would be glad to add them to the anonymous ftp area and the resource index. However, please do not link directly to the ftp site from your own pages.

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